Title: Venice
Year: 2004
Print run: 600 lithographic copies (each of which comprises 7 sheets)
Artist: Guido Albanello
Publisher: Gilberto Padovan
Subject: 360-degree panoramic view of Venice composed of 7 separate sheets
Technique: ink on paper
Characteristics of the support: art paper presenting traditional characteristics and texture
Colour of the paper: Ivory (specific shade determined by the publisher)
Paper weight: 270 g/m²
Size of each single sheet: 81.2 (h) x 179.8 (l) cm
Overall (complete panoramic view): 81.2 (h) x 1,258.6 (l) cm
Surface area of each sheet: 14,599.76 cm²
Total surface area: 102,198.32 cm²
Size of packaging: 95 x 20 x 20 cm
Weight of one package: 4.5 kg
Guarantee of authenticity: each numbered copy bears the publisher’s certification (embossed seal and signature)

The drawings are produced in ink. Initial pencil sketching and original outlines were gradually removed during the finishing phase.
An original feature of the work lies in its modular composition; by placing side by side the sequence of seven sheets which make up the entire layout, a continuous, 360-degree panoramic view of the city of Venice will be obtained .
The drawings contained in each sheet were produced so as to coincide perfectly with the preceding and following sections.
The original artwork was transferred to an aluminium plate, from which 600 copies were made; these were subsequently numbered and authenticated by the publisher by means of an embossed seal.